Suol077Till Von Sein1977 Love

As one of the absolute mainstays of our label roster as well as the German House scene, Till Von Sein doesn’t need a big introduction ahead of us telling you about his brand new EP called “1977 Love”. What you perhaps don’t know is that 1977 is the year Till was born – and this release is number 077 in the SUOL catalogue!
The seventies are also a part of the EP’s opening track in the form of an infectious funky guitar, which immediately sets the mood for “Curtis”. With an old-school Hip Hop break providing the rhythm, the positive vibes flow freely as quick piano chords are added in and a subtle west coast synth lick and some little shouts round of this feel- good tune.
Another bit of wah-wah guitar action is at the heart of “Stevie”. Around it some beautifully playful disco sounds take us on a journey. But here it’s a straight kick drum and open hi-hat that are the driving force behind the groove and along with the in- your-face clap they quickly remind us that we are here to dance.
“Don” takes us into deeper territory. Combining an afro groove with south American percussion the rhythm is tightly constructed without ever sounding too busy, leaving enough space for some sparkling synth arpeggios and floating chords while the heavy kick and melodic sub bass keep the dance floor happy throughout.
The EP closes with “Pepe”. A huge pitch-bending sub and a snappy snare give irresistible energy to an otherwise laid back groove. Beautiful strings and echoing sonic details bring the love and let the mind wander while the shuffled hi-hat groove keeps the body moving.
Lucky number seventy-seven!