Meggy has come a long way since she first started playing records and singing in the clubs of her hometown Berlin. Her first releases were as a vocalist, an area where she jumped in right at the top and remains very successful to this day. The list of top-flight artists that have featured her is impressive and it is growing each year.
After moving on to co-production and releasing alongside Till Von Sein and Ardalan, among others, Meggy’s focus has been on producing her House sound with a passion for melodies and vocals all on her own and she has been releasing solo EPs since 2013. Now a mainstay of the Berlin scene not only as a DJ and vocalist but also as a producer, she is having one rollercoaster year after another. And with quality material like this new EP coming out, 2018 won’t see things easing up either.
“STAY 2NITE” opens with a lush pad over crisp 808 drums and spaced-out echoes. Meggy’s pillow talk intro leads into her trademark R&B style vocal, which reverberates weightlessly across a constantly intensifying Moog line.
“TIMES” turns up the House vibes with big open hi-hats and a heavy bass relentlessly driving the groove forwards as Meggy’s song unfolds on top of Chicago style chords without ever losing sight of the dance floor.
Meggy’s talent to combine club functionality with emotional song-writing is just as present in “TYLER”, with groovy analogue goodness and tight drum machine work doing their bit to keep the dancers happy throughout.
A classic House organ draws us in from the first bars of “GIVE AGAIN”. The groove is punchy and direct, while the vocals melt into of a dreamy atmosphere to get lost in while shaking it on the floor.
We all remember Meggy’s huge hit “Everything” (with Rampa). “EVERYTHING PT. 2” is a worthy successor that again finds the perfect balance between a song full of feeling, goose-bump-inducing chords and a club track at its core, which is simply irresistible.
Check out this gem of an EP!