Originally from Malaga, Spain, Carlo is the latest addition to the Suol family and he is bringing some much needed summer vibes to his current home Berlin with his ‘Tres’ EP. Carlo’s music, which has already found favour with the likes of Moodyman and Session Victim, is all about that special feeling of dancing to House music on a sunny day – just like at Suol’s weekly ‘Hallo Montag’ sessions, where a few months of seemingly never-ending outdoor DJ sets first sparked off our love story with Carlo.
The title track ‘Tres’ drops straight into a swift, lightly shuffling drum machine groove, already building its atmosphere with carefully crafted reverbs before the smooth but powerful sub rounds off the low end. Dreamy fragments of melody and a spaced out vocal cut find their perfect place and from then on it’s smiles all around.
The groove is beefed up another bit more on ‘B-162’, with warm saturation melting the melodic bassline into the low end of some seriously housed up beats. A solid foundation for some mellow sweetness, that comes in the form of chopped chords and select sampled cuts with another healthy dose of reverb. Add in the Rhodes and that’s your next couple of minutes of blessed out dancing sorted.
Carlo turns up the disco for the final track of the EP, at least as far as the bouncing bass of ‘Biznaga’ goes. The rest is pure House music delight with a pitched-up nostalgically goosebump-inducing vocal as the star of the show.
Bring on the summer. Please, really, we are freezing here.