Suol072SnadHome Away From House

Snad aka Shyam Anand is an artist from Chicago of Indian descent. He just moved to Berlin. And this is his first release on Suol.
His debut EP for us is a three-tracker and absolute quality. Its title ‘Home Away From House’ alludes to a musical career spanning three continents and to the ‘most enlightened circles’, as Snad puts it, ‘who still travel the Silk Roads and who take their underground seriously – wherever they call home’.
What this means becomes apparent quickly as the title track drops us straight into a softly stabby, hypnotic little sequence on top of an elegantly subtle combination of a drum machine groove and synth bass. Things build up patiently with luscious delayed chords before rising strings transport us to a beautiful place where the Goa sun shines onto the streets of Chicago.
Just like all tracks on the EP, ‘Cut!!!’ is purely instrumental but it doesn’t need words to tell its story. Clever drum programming and cool reverbs are in perfect harmony with a melodic bass riff and a silky, modulating analogue lead that guides us to the end with a smile.
‘Deep Looking’, the EP’s final track, has a solid groove at its centre and some delicious ear candy around it. Syncopated toms and claps join forces with a fast hi-hat pattern to provide plenty of momentum for this otherwise dreamily floating acid house number.
Welcome to Suol, Snad!