Suol069Till Von SeinForever

Till Von Sein’s forthcoming four-tracker ‘Forever’ continues his tenure with Suol. The Berlin-based producer is a key player for the label along with successful releases on well respected and established imprints such as Dirt Crew and Pets Recordings and fruitful collaborations with Tigerskin, Catz ‘N Dogz and Suol co-head Chopstick.
The title track is a thoughtful journey of percussion and a relaxed bassline joined by catchy repeated vocals and distorted elements, building to a satisfying breakdown. ‘Puntarenas’ brings something ethereal to proceedings. The star of this track is the exquisite saxophone riff that holds it all together, aided by some poignant piano. ‘Tilly’s Tool’ is a nod to the nascent days of his career, supplying a metropolitan groove that takes the listener back to the streets von Sein used to skateboard along as a young hopeful DJ. ‘406 Lucy Ave’ showcases his ability to experiment yet still supply a sound that is very much his own.
Whilst these tracks are strong enough to stand alone, listening to the EP through from start to finish is a rich rewarding experience, something that was his stated intention from the beginning. ‘I’ve been working on this EP since summer and to me it has a solid throwback vibe, back to when there were records with four dope tracks on’ Till says. ‘I always loved buying a diverse 12 inch with more than just that typical A side banger, so this was my goal behind this EP. I’m really happy with the way it turned out.’