Suol062Till von SeinPrecious Remixes

Released on Suol in May of this year, Till von Sein’s second album “Precious”, was an instant hit with his fans and peers. So when it came to finding some top-flight producers to do the business on this remix EP, things were surprisingly easy. In fact, Till told us that some of his favourite artists had already enquired about remixing as soon as they heard the tracks.
With an album full of amazing tracks, covering the essence of House Music, true love on the dance floor and of course, big booties, all performed by vocalists of the highest calibre – Mr V, Meggy, Lazarusman, Russoul, Kid Enigma – there is definitely some great material to work with. So we set them to work and boy have they delivered some magic.
Pablo Fierro kicking things off with an anthemic pad over the whispered “I’ll House You” nod to the Jungle Brothers in “Manifest” before dropping a huge percussion-happy groove underneath Mr V’s classic spoken word vocal. Vienna’s Joyce Muniz turns “Like Air” into a peak time number with tough beats and a growling bassline, whilst Meggy’s sweet vocals make everything ooook.
“One” gets the full-on shuffled snare treatment from Luke Solomon. Funky stabs, modulating bass, wild claps and Lazarusman’s inimitable narrative seem to compete for your attention only to form a unified, body-moving army of sound from which you cannot escape. Tanner Ross breaks up the beats whilst keeping groove aimed squarely at the dance floor in his dreamy remix for “It’s All In The Spirit”, with Russoul’s vocals making your head float into the clouds while your booty bounces from side to side.
And speaking of which… we’ve got one more for all you beautiful people out there in the form of the Alex Barck and ComixXx remix of “Booty Angel” featuring the vocal talent of Kid Enigma. These two manage to sandwich a half-time R&B style middle section between two chunks of sure-fire grooviness that might just make you cry tears of joy. Precious!