Suol051Tender GamesPlastic Surgery

Little is known about the mysterious producer/DJ duo known as Tender Games. Seemingly emerging from nowhere, these Berlin-based producers are rumoured to have previously achieved individual success in their own right but are now joining forces for their Suol Debut. Citing influences as the likes of SBTRKT, Dusky and Bondax, their unique sound is shaped by house and r’n’b in equal measures to produce a stunningly emotive yet danceable sound.
The stark opening chords of ‘Your Body’ set the tone for the EP, presenting the listener with an overwhelming juxtaposition of melancholic euphoria. Rich harmonies majestically soar over a lamenting male vocal performance, to create an electronic ballad of yearning, lust and love.
‘Thinking About It’ is a soul-drenched groover, with its warm chords and atmospherics straddling a subtly clipped garage shuffle. The lyrics evoke the spirit of R. Kelly and Boyz II Men to create an intimate atmosphere which would be just as effective in one’s headphones as it would be on the dancefloor.
The tempo may go down but the temperature most definitely goes up on ‘Liar’. This shamelessly unadulterated love song progresses from a woozy down-tempo number into a climatic explosion of sexual passion. Saucy stuff! The bouncy house beats of ‘Struck’ round off the EP, taking the vibe out of the bedroom and pushing it firmly back into club territory.