Suol050Chopstick & JohnjonPining Moon

What Chopstick & Johnjon have created in “Pining Moon” is arguably their most intently focused pop song to date. Recorded in collaboration with Chris James, whose projects include the band Stateless, the song features deeply emotional arrangements driven by a punchy kick drum and cleverly interwoven with enticing, dreamy acoustic guitar and cello cameos. It’s all topped by vocals from James that redefine the concept of nocturnal romance. This is one of the most poignant and striking songs on Chopstick & Johnjon’s “TWELVE”, making it a perfect choice for the album’s first single.
Jay Shepheard delivers two different interpretations of the song. The first is airier, with a synth pattern that turns the song’s vocal harmony on its head and shines the spotlight on falsetto. The second is the absolute synthesis of dance floor groove and melancholic, sighing guitar. The Death on the Balcony Remix takes a similar approach, where the gentle arrangements of the original are capped with a pulsating bass groove, which takes the song decisively in the direction of the dance floor.