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Suol is proudly introducing: Meggy!
Having this girl become part of our Suol family is a huge deal for us. If you haven’t heard of her until now, you must have been living under a rock on the far side of the moon. And if you have heard of her – and especially heard her sing, you must be as excited as we are by now. We’re on the edge of our seats.
Meggy has teamed up with Chopstick & Johnjon to produce some absolute beauties for her “Hide 4 Love” EP on Suol. Her amazing, distinctive voice finally gets the stage it deserves.
“Anything You Can” has already been tried and tested on the dancefloors of the world and came back with the predicates “highly valuable”, “precious” and “dancefloor bombing”.
The title track of the EP, “Hide 4 Love” is more of a slow jam – an emotional showcase of Meggy’s talent to connect with the listener on an intimate level.
The B1 features Chopstick & Johnjon, and the three of them are one hell of a team! “Curious” is a late night groover – clicking percussion, a brooding, pushing bassline and ecstatic piano chords, all accompanying Meggy’s vocals perfectly.
But that’s not all, folks: Fritz Kalkbrenner joined Meggy in the studio between releasing his album and starting his tour. A combination that instantly works. “Better” is the knot that ties all the strings of this release together. A wonderful slow Hip-Hop jam. Fritz’s love for Soul and Hip Hop is an excellent match for Meggy’s groovier side that she already brought to effect on her feature with Till Von Sein, “Get Over Yourself”. The tune to round off the “Hide 4 Love” EP is one that you will find yourself coming back to again and again.
And still this release is just “the tip of the iceberg” that sounds so promising already. These tracks are surely the best way to spend your time until Meggy’s full debut drops on Suol.