Suol041Till Von SeinLe 61 Wurx

Prepare yourself for “Le 61 Wurx”! Till von Sein returns with a 5 track EP that shouldn’t be amiss in anyone’s collection. No, literally, prepare yourself. This is a full on TVS – House/R&B blast! We know you got Suol!
First we find the “Hammock Jam” that fits its name – sometimes. Sure you can always chill in the sun to Tills tunes, but this one is also for the dance floor. A typical von Sein groove and a wonderful rhodes break make this a late
summer jam.
“D.Welle” is a very playful tune. Arpeggiators and pads take you on a trip to wonderland. It doesn’t start, it doesn’t stop and somewhere in between there is this moment to let yourself go.
“Corniche”: A deep groover for the mellow moments in life. A smooth percussive track with some beautiful weirdness.
„Get Over Yourself“ feat. Meggy is already the on-repeat-track for this late summer at the Suol HQ. This track shows Tills R&B influences and his love for the slow jams. Amazing vocals by “One-Take-Meggy” and the smooth playback make you wanna go back to the late 90’s at the LBC.
Another R&B wonder is “Heart Of Stone” feat. Wenawedwa from Johannesburg. Even if we rarely heard this style from Till before, it feels like he never produced anything different … right on point!