Suol040TrickskiUnreality Remixed

It’s been a while now since Trickski released their first longplayer “Unreality” on Suol, but the love is still there … that’s why we bring you this last edition of remixes.
On this one we have an uptempo version of “Can’t Get Through” by the Maestros themselves, besides remixes by Mark E, Fritz Zander, Cocolores and Aliwal North.
First we have Trickski reliving “Can’t Get Through” … taking the amazing vibe from the album version transferring it into a dancefloor killer.
On number 2 Fritz Zander is back in the Suol game remixing “Love’s A Beat”. Steady drive mixed up with the vocals make this just a wonderful summertimer.
Can we please have more cowbell on number 3!? Cocolores freshen up “Beginning” with not only what seams to be their favourite percussion, but lots more.
Mark E is next in line and he turns on the ferris wheel on his remix for “Beginning”. Round and round, up and down we go … a sweet rave.
Aliwal North is the last one to deliver his interpretation of “Beginning”. Another groover from start to finish.