Suol039Till von SeinReworks 2

We are tremendously proud to present to you the second issue of Till von Sein’s ‘Reworks’! And this time around you’re in for something special: Some absolute legends have remixed Till’s tracks for our 39th release!
First off, we have Chicago lead men Boo Williams and SJU remixing Till’s ‘Non Existent Love feat. Tigerskin, Lazarus & Meggy’, turning the Original into an Oldschool – House Jam, complete with echoing chords, subtle pads and squelching Acid bassline. If sunny beaches and cold drinks were a DJ-Team, this track would be their weapon of choice!
Next up, House & Techno forefather Chez Damier teams up with Bosco to bring you not one, not two but THREE versions of Till von Sein’s ‘Out Of Love feat. Jon Hester’!
The “Main Tech Remix” builds up slowly with rising string pads and rattling percussions, until, halfway through, it just suddenly drops like slap to the back of your head, smashing the dancefloor with one hell of an Acid baseline!
The “Short Dub Mix” and the “Tech Mix” are both aimed at the floor with two different approaches.
While the “Tech Mix” sets foot on it’s analog technoid drumpatterns and more than a drop of Acid, the “Short Dub Mix” is a sunnier, more melodic version with warm synth lines and a dreamy feel about it, but never losing it’s focus on the floor.