Suol038Chopstick & JohnjonVersions

I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t heard it myself… a brand new Chopstick & Johnjon EP! After almost 2 years the new studios are finally ready & fully functional and the guys treat us with a stunning 4 track EP. We’ve been waiting for this for a long time and the Suol head honchos aren’t letting us down with their “Versions EP”!
The first track is “Doin It” … the Hip-Hop influence is there from the very first second. Guitar licks and warm rhodes keys take you right to the massive bassline and you already get the feeling – this is gonna be intense. A Synth riff comes in and builds up to the main break – “all hands in the air for sure”.
“Listen” is second to none … soulful vocals from back in the days and an incredible jack, this one will hit the summer vacation playlist for sure. Stuck in the groove, you almost don’t expect the turn it makes right in the middle. Rhodes, strings & the atmosphere take you on a trip to sunshine coast right before it drops back. nothing less than we expected.
On 3 we have “Simma Da”. Slightly more edgy than the rest “Simma Da” takes you on a ride to Hip Hop land. The rough sound and the vocals are merged into this fireball of energy. Chopstick & Johnjon wouldn’t be the boys if they wouldn’t drop some trance vibes in this during the breakdown .. pure musical passion.
At last we have indeed “At Last”. Get ready for an emotional roller coaster ride to memory land. Bassline, pads and strings all go their separate ways but never seem to leave the connection. You can’t really tell if you wanna be dancing to this on your own or you wanna share the experience with a few hundred people. Decide for yourself.
This EP is called “Versions” because the guys were influenced by the work of others and partially used samples to create these tracks. It felt wrong to earn money on it so they decided to donate the artists revenue to Paul Watson’s Organization Sea Shepherd. More info to come…