Suol037Daniel BortzHeal The World

Daniel Bortz has had an amazing year since he joined the family and gained worldwide recognition with his productions. Now he is back on Suol with his new 4 track EP “Heal The World EP”.
On A1 we find “Harry”, a slow jam groover with an amazing vibe including some of Daniels own vocals. So if you thought he is “only” a sample guy – you’re dead wrong. This one works throughout the set, from beginning to end (if you can manage to play peaktime on 105 bpm).
A2 holds “By Ya Side” in store for you featuring Daniels buddy Nils Corßen on the mic. An uplifting house tune with the typical ass shaking temper that makes all of these tracks go straight to you feet.
“Walk” is next on B1. A deep bassline-driven tune that cuts right through to the bone. The whole Suol crew has been playing this one for weeks now and the reaction is always the same. People dreaming while dancing. Bortz at his best.
Last but not least Daniel himself is back on the mic for “Rescue Me” on B2. Building up with some old school hip hop sounds and organs, slowly introducing the vocals this one will take you away after the break. Since he first showed us the demo, the hookline has been haunting us … “rescue me – with your love”

This is 2012. This is Daniel Bortz. This is Suol…. This is us and we do what we do!