Suol036Till von SeinReworks 1

2011 has been a good year for Suol and of course we won’t hold back in 2012. The second single “Reworks 1” of Till von Seins Album “#LTD” is first in Feb with amazing remixes by Kollektiv Turmstrasse, SLG and Erdbeerschnitzel.
The release starts with “Blueprint” featuring Fritz Kalkbrenner & Thalstroem. The track already got a lot of attention as part of the album and when we asked the remixers which track they wanna rework, 2 out of 3 decided on working with Fritz’s vocals. The original is smooth and groovy … Till in best form!
Kollektiv Turmstrasse are up next with their interpretation of Blueprint. We are happy to have the guys on board again after a while of absence. Their deliver a brilliant piece … what we expected. A deep vibe but still driving … great use of the vocals. The open air season awaits.
Till’s friend SLG from Polands finest Pets label also picked Blueprint for his remix and gives us a hint of the polish winter. Industrial, dark pitched vocals, amazing energy and a hint of old school techno gives this one a different direction. Great!
Erdbeerschnitzel is last but not least with his remix for “Tilly’s 61 Rhodes Jam”. The Suol crew has been banging his track “To An End” up and down the clubs so we wanted him on board for this. Tim didn’t let us down. A 99 bpm groover, nothing really where it belongs but everything just right. Warmup at its best!