Suol032Fritz KalkbrennerWes

After such a huge & massive public demand for the track “Wes” of Fritz Kalkbrenner, we just had to give in! These two exclusive new tracks from Fritz were never intended to see the light of day, instead were just exclusive for Fritz’s live set. So here we go.. check these two beautiful pieces on this Suol release.
Fritz has played around 200 LIVE-shows in 2011 and these 2 tracks “Wes” and “Layer Cake” where the ones that were exclusive to him. We’ve received tons of requests from fans to put these two out there and because we are the label of the people, here they are.
01: Wes has been on youtube for a couple of months already, ripped by fans from Fritz’ live shows. It’s a rave monster that has lifted the roofs everywhere Fritz’ played this year. Been to a show!? You’ll recognize it right away.
02: Layer Cake is the relaxed track of this stunning release. A beautiful sun inviting melody makes you close your eyes and reminisce of the good times. Another instant classic from Fritz.
Put it on, turn it up and enjoy.