Suol031Till von Sein feat. Tigerskin, Lazarus & MeggyNon Existent Love

This is it … even though you might think the highly acclaimed Till von Sein has “been there, done that” there are still first times for him too: releasing an album. #LTD is the name of his debut longplayer on SUOL and this is the first takeout “Non Existent Love” feat. in the studio: Tigerskin … and on the Vocals: Meggy & Lazarus. Let this be your sneek peak into this long awaited album…
01: the original version: Till teams up with Tigerskin to produce this massive groover. Already a sure shot without any additional vocals but when southafrica’s own Lazarus steps in to drop a few lines on this, you know the clock is going backwards. A smooth acid line takes this on to Meggy, who tops this up with her beautiful r n’b topline … “non existent love”!
02: El_Txef_A Remix: A close friend from basque country brings us the first interpretation with his remix – El_Txef_A. He grabs the piano and some strings and turns this one into a “hold your hands and close your eyes” experience. Suddenly Lazarus becomes the preacherman and Meggy steps in as the choir … a sing-a-long-beauty! You wanna hear this in the morning when the sun comes up.
03: jozif Remix: This remix is by jozif, a london based DJ and producer. His approach is the “slow-trance” style … very emotional pads and sequences build a perfect ground for Lazarus’ and Meggys vocals and round this one up perfectly.
… taken from the upcoming album #LTD … out in october on SUOL.