Suol029VariousSuol Mates 01

It’s a birthday … not any birthday but the gentle delivery of SUOLs newborn 12″ sampler “SUOL MATES”. A various artist release only including tracks by the closest family members … this is first of many more to come.
01: SUOLs parents Chopstick & Johnjon take the first shot at it with “Obviously She’s A Dub”. A slow piano groover with some beautiful vocals on it … add some sun and an outside location and you got the full meal deal.
02: Daniel Bortz hits with “Don’t Be Fooled”. A unique fusion of hiphop and house like he always does. Low pitched rap vox and a monster bassline make this one the perfect crossover tune. Love it or leave it!
03: The first project mixup … Fritz Zander & Johnjon with “Another Night In Rented Rooms”. A deep melodic track that makes you close your eyes and think about the times before the depression. Or isn’t that still on!?
04: Fritz Zander & Chopstick our second new combo bring you a slow disco influenced groover with the promising title “How The Fuck Did I Get Home”. You wanna play this all night long … warmup/ maintime/ afterhour!? Just do it!
As if this one wasn’t enough, the exclusive original version of 01. just for you. “Obviously She’s A Whore” gives you a sneak peek of what Chopstick & Johnjon are all about when they’re not thinking clearly… pop music. We love it…