Suol027Heiko Laux + Teo SchulteCan't Unspill The Milk

German techno All-Star Heiko Laux is back on SUOL … teaming up with Teo Schulte. A well known combo from their Kanzleramt project Offshore Funk. What is there to say about Heiko Laux, besides asking the question if some of us would be here without him!? After being a major influence in the electronic music scene with his productions and his label Kanzleramt for over 15 years, Heiko returns on Suol showing again how divers he can be. It’s slow … it’s really slow. It feels like finally somebody gave those two the permission to go under 110 bpm … and it grooves like hell!
01 Suol Hug: A jacking groove with just a little show off of the melodies Teo has to offer. The whole Suol crew has been hammering this one in their warm up sets. Nobody can escape that groove.
02 Sound Hug: Another slow machine. A deep conga groove wheels you in and when the chord comes you get the feeling “this is gonna be special”. It builds and builds till the chord progression takes you to the next level. This is how musicians work slow grooves at it’s best.
03 Sound Hug (Daniel Bortz Remix): Daniel Bortz is very talented and he made a big impact with his last EP on Suol so we wanted his work on this one too! He made it faster… and put some disco feel on it … nothing more to add!
04 Suol Hug (Till von Sein Last Minute DoomDub): Till von Sein took some time of from working on his album to build a beat tool for “Suol Hug”. There isn’t a lot happening on this one, but that’s what makes it sexy and the perfect round up for this release.
Last but not least … we have “Spill”. A melodic tool for the guitar-solo lovers. Slash hammered some nice ones on this hypnotic groove.