Suol025Daniel BortzThe One

As we slowly move towards springtime (hopefully) we wanna open the season with a new combatant on the roster … Daniel Bortz.
The young gun from Augsburg is already known nationwide for his DJ-residency at the infamous Rote Sonne Club in munich and his outstanding releases on Pastamusik.
On Suol he presents a 4 tracker that will blow your mind… we are proud to present: Suol025 Daniel Bortz “The One Ep”
“Cuz You’re The One” … a slow tune right up our alley. With such patience Daniel works the vibe, the beat and the vocal to a point of no return. A full on summer hit in the making… The SUOL crew has been hammering this all over the place from the first version we got and it’s been a surefire winner every single time.
“Boyz 2 Men” … no direct link to the R’n’B combo from Philadelphia, but in a way the use of the vocals in this one makes me reminisce of those good old times. The driving beat in combination with the beautiful piano makes people on the floor go “like a horde of bulls at a gate” … try this one and you will know in an instant – summer’s here!
“Other Guys” is the groover in the package. Great footwork on the beat and a bassline that will make em shake on an instant. A vocal sample and a sudden key change in the bass takes this one home. such a beauty!
As if this wasn’t enough there is one more … “Don’t Call” shows the playful side of his work. The way he stirs up all the ingredients for a perfect deep tool is amazing… way to go to round up a perfect 12″ release. I’m sure, this one will find its place in many sophisticated sets.