Suol021Fritz KalkbrennerFacing The Sun

Not many words are needed to describe the roll Fritz Kalkbrenner is on right now, his vocal performance and songwriting skills are out in the open.. simply amazing!!! That’s why we are very happy to present his debut single “Facing The Sun” of his very first artist album “Here Today Gone Tomorrow“, which will come out on October 15th.
We are also very happy to have his brother Paul Kalkbrenner and his long time friend Sascha Funke on board for remixes!! Exspect nothing less than phat dope shit!
“Facing The Sun“ in Fritz Kalkbrennerʼs own words:
“One more time, here is track that a few of you guys might be familar with. “Facing The Sun“ was released as a non-vocal version on my first Suol EP last year named “Wingman“. I just couldn’t resist recording some vocals on top. If you liked “Wingman“, you will love “Facing The Sun“ …”