Suol019TrickskiAfter & Before EP

Congrats! SUOL has just become a proud parent to yet another great artist.. TRICKSKI! Please to meet you.. i’m sure you’ll love our playground! Trickski’s last release on Jimpster’s imprint Delusions of Grandeur has left an impeccable impression on many floors.. and we’re happy to welcome Daniel & Yannick aka Trickski to our Suol Family with an outstanding release by the name of “Before & After EP!
On A1 we find “Point 0”. A slow burner from the founders of the trick. A padish loop climbing up your spine till it finally reaches your brain to melt down what’s left of it. Breakdown … breakbeat and people go nuts. Believe me, we’ve been hammering this thing from day one and it never failed us.
Pill Collins is sex with 2 twin sisters and their mom at the same time! this is some sick shit! i guess the beat is not much faster that 105bpm, but i haven’t felt that much groove in a long time! some of you may know what this track is based on but i assure you that no one could ever make this better than Trickski has! Pill Collins at it’s best!
Suol head honchos Chopstick & Johnjon are on remix duty for “Ground 0” and they’ve come up with a groove based on organic and real instruments.. again! Since they don’t lack in musical skillz, the two started to jam with an electric bass to a basic drum groove, using only the main chord element and the vocal from the original, they recorded the remix in just one day.. actually this remix was the last production EVER in their studio as they are expanding at a new studio… and the two do us proud.. i can just picture this lil groover causing some serious
happiness on the floors!!
On B2 Diynamics very own H.O.S.H steps to the plate for a home run. He chose Pill Collins to pitch him a couple of balls so he can hit it hard. A beautiful groover from hamburgs home grown just giving the release the extra power it needed. His remix will conquer the bigger floors all over the world for sure.