Suol017Here TodayQualify & Satisfy

It’s summer and Suol welcomes Here Today to the squad with “Qualify & Satisfy”. Here Today is the collaboration between well known vocalist and songwriter Florian Schirmacher and his partner in crime Engin Oeztuerk. Not only because of the upcoming world cup, but especially to invite some summer feeling into our hearts we got a remix by southafricans Warp artist DJ Mujava.
On A1 we find “Qualify“. The deepness from second 1 struck us right away on this one. While the groove starts taking you on a journey, Florian suddenly drops the first line and you can feel it – this is gonna be special indeed. The great melodic work with pads, melodies, great soulful changes make this one the track for day and night… can’t wait to hear it at the beach.
B1 shows the playful side of Florian and Engin when it comes to beats and arrangement. Keeping the deepness at all times, carefully placed percussions and a bouncy bassline form into a hell of a groover that builds this very special tension from the first second on. All leading towards a breakdown, weird, a bit funny, a snare roll and suddenly everything falls back into place with Florians funky vocal line.
B2 brings Mujava’s Tantric Remix of “Satisfy”. The southafrican newcomer shows off with a tribal, ravemonster with a groove that just takes you in and spits you out on a dancefloor nearby. Just turning Satisy’s deepness around and taking it the other way we are really happy we could get Mujava on board for this.