Suol016Chopstick & Johnjon, Fritz KalkbrennerKeep On Keepin' On

I guess this is what it comes down to being a musician: fire up a microphone, gimme a rhodes, a bass and some drums and let’s start jammin’! – That’s the attitude!That’s exactly what Chopstick & Johnjon together with label mate and partner in crime Fritz Kalkbrenner did for this lovely earthy release “Keep On Keepin’ On”, not to mention that they downed 3 bottles of vodka and bottles of vine during the session!Chopstick & Johnjon recorded a live acoustic bass a few weeks back, and still under the influence of the hip hop phenomenon, they decided to keep every single sound dirty and real. Breaking out of the ordinary and the usual steps of making house music, the 3 musicians recorded almost every single sound in that song.. so it might come across laid back, sometimes rushed.. but never quantized!
“Keep On Keepin’ On” is an earthy house tune with amazing chantable vocals at a slow tempo with real played instruments, and because of it’s natural way of recording.. a classic in it’s own way!
Home boy Till Von Sein and Aera from infamous Goldwill (Liebe*Detail/WasNotWas) deliver a remake with it’s own special vibe! Boston finest Soul Clap would have loved to have the break beat go aaaaaall the way.. but the dynamic duo had to hit the listeners with it’s phat 4/4 kick, making it even more danceable! You’ll be surprised how much influence the 90’ies R&B had on them fellas.. this time R. Kelly is the winner.. maybe next time it’ll be Jodeci..;)!
Suol mate Fritz Zander laid his magic hands on the the remix parts as well, and came up with something so different one would exspect!! The sample based disco jam messes around with your dancing shoes.. galore.. taking the kick out and putting it back in randomly!! Play and you’ll find out!!
“Lyla” is the digital exclusive track together with studio partner Sven VT from Zander VT (Bpitch). “Lyla” is a hommage to Lyla Garrity.. the hot cheerleader from their favourite TV show (i personally like Jules or Becky alot more but who cares.. i’m just a writer and no one ever reads this anyway!). “Lyla” is hypnotic and with it’s warm pads and organic string hits, definately a track to go from warm-up to more main time..!
A solid release once again.. from Suol!