Suol014Fritz KalkbrennerThe Dead End

After the huge success of his first single “Wingman EP“ on Suol, Fritz Kalkbrenner is now back with yet another stunning 3 tracker EP by the name of “The Dead End“.
On A1 we find the original version of „Last Call“. The deepness from second 1 struck us right away on this one. As usual, Fritz’s harmonic skills and use of melody is outstanding. “Last Call“ is already supported by his berlin mate Sascha Funke.
Philadelphia on B1 shows the rave background of Berlins child. Dubby changes and always keeping an eye on the groove. Arranged to hit the peak at any second, this is not the track you wanna play for your toilet run. The title track “Dead End“ on B2 features his unique vocals.. taking you smoothly on a emotional ride! This is definately the track you wanna hear while driving through the night or just dancing it away..
Guitar hits, bells and melodic e-drums make this production one of a kind.. not to mention the lyrics which will burn right into your heart, soul and mind! Fritz Kalkbrenner at his best… again!