Suol013Chopstick & JohnjonFriday Night Lights

On A1 of Chopstick & Johnjon away on this one. Introducing mellow piano vibes and a live funky slapped bass combo! The track slowly builds up to an intense break which finally comes crushing down on you with just the essential elements: kick, bass, melody… eat this mofo!
The new label mates Trickski, who by the way will release their stunning album on Suol, transform “Clear Eyes“ on A2 into a deep house bomb! They used all remix parts in a different way and “just“ added a HUGE bassline and wide pads to it! Arrangement skills along with toppings of sex and soul… classic in the making i would say!
On the flip side in my eyes and ears i believe lies the true hit of this release. “Full Hearts“ comes knocking at your door with hypnotic spinning vocals! Let alone the kick comes in after almost 5 minutes, this lil bitch will whip your ass around the floor like no other! Zander VT played this track at their residency and i sure was convinced this will cause a great stir in the boring house scene! It doesn promise or money back guaranteed biaaaaatch!!!