Suol011Fritz KalkbrennerWingman

After his introduction to the Baalsaal squad on the baal009, we are proud to announce an exclusive release by Fritz Kalkbrenner.
Not many words are needed to describe the roll Fritz is on right now. After teaming up with his brother on THE hit of the year “sky and sand” his vocal performance and songwriting skills are out in the open.
That’s why we are very happy to present you his first very own single “was right been wrong”.
On A you find the title track “was right been wrong”. From the first second on the direction is clear … goosebumps. A deep pad starts the journey and then his voice … his voice … bringing you a peace of pure beauty. But wait, don’t think you can lay back right now. A pumping house beat makes “was right been wrong” a wonderful lovesong – dancing shoes included.
On the flip you’re gonna discover Fritz’s deep hypnotic vibes. “Black Mail” shows some serious deepness along with techno-ish beats.. his buddy Sascha Funke would be damn proud of this track since Fritz has worked out details, vibes and atmosphere in perfection… ideal for those lovely sunday mornings on a festival..
on B2 “Wing Man”.. my personal favourite.. comes along with a fresh summer vibe.. something totally different and perfect to start those nice open air sets around 105bpm! we love guitars.. so does fritz.. and on Wing Man there’s a lot of guitars.. this just shows how diverse as an artist Fritz can be.. and with a little help by Fritz’s favourite label mates, this stunning track will most definately have some play for the likes of soul, rythm & blues lovers.. and watch out for a vocal version of Wing Man on the debut album of Fritz.. due sometime next year;)