Suol008HatikvahModern Times

With Joy and Tradition!
Under the surface of Modern Times, Florian Schirmacher and Helmut Ebritsch are coming up with a Confession to spiritual life. Modern Times in all its happiness and Hope (which is the translation of Hatikvah into hebrew) declares a way of our Parrallel Dimension. Rooted into Club Culture, Suol are proud to present this extraordinary work of hatikvah. After their shining debut on Morris Audio Citisport with „Lovebells“, Suol had pointed out Hatikvah to put a spot on!
A second 12“ “Synchronicity“ after summer and the Album can be announced here and will give a glimpse into modern times. “Modern Times“ is woven so easily together, by having this heavywheight and “how deep you can get“- Sound, that Hatikvah is definetely working on a New Sound. With Joy and Tradition! Is there a black Man singing? Florian has studied Church Music, after having success with Glowing Glisses ( Poker Flat ) and Pantytec ( Perlon) and he does living with the joy of Gospel and House Music. Parallel Dimension hints, where it all begins…. this is so smoooooth. Joey couldn`t do better!
It`s more than sunshine.