Suol007Heiko LauxBitscream

Suol welcomes german techno All-Star Heiko Laux.
What is there to say about Heiko Laux, besides asking the question if some of us would be here without him!?
After being a major influence in the electronic music scene with his productions and his label Kanzleramt for over 15 years, and the recent appearance on Joris Voorn’s label Rejected ,Heiko returns on Suol showing again how divers he can be. Can’t wait for this one…
On side A you’ll find a deep, jacking track by the name of “Aldrin Justice” (sometimes it sucks to be second .. haha). Dubby chords, a tense vibe and a beat that will make you move.. Heiko playing with a sub bass in frisky breaks, guarantee to take the floor to the peak when everything breaks down in the end. Teaming up with his Kanzleramt project Kith And Kin for this edit.
On the flip side Heiko puts in the reverse gear and drops this detroit killer by the name of „Bitscream“! By not using the obvious chord changes, this is a pleasure for every listener. And knowing Heiko, the powerful production makes this work on the floors, too!
B2 is a Remix by Suols finest Chopstick & johnjon of a track from Heikos recent album on Kanzleramt „Waves“. Having the free choice the two picked „Writing Time Pt. 1“ to work on. They created this deep house monster that kicks in late. Listen to it, wait … a little longer … there you go!