Suol006TigerskinDeep Contemplation

Despite that TIGERSKIN aka DUB TAYLOR aka KORSAKOW has probably produced more than a few hundred successful tracks in the past and is the musical ear and hand behind well known artists such as phonique, he delivers his absolute best work for us..
On side A you’ll find a deep house groove by the name of “DEEP CONTEMPLATION”. Wide pads, stacky chords, deep vibes and souldfull rythms accompany this beautiful club track.. what makes the difference though to all other house tracks at the moment who also use chords and deep vibes, is the incredible use of the main melody.. guaranteed to be a big winner on the fucking floor.
On the flip side Alex puts in the reverse gear and drops this melancholic and intensively emotional track! Starting with a beautiful pad it emerges into a detroit-ish bomb – keeping the positive vibe alive at all times with it’s piano hits..! Just close your eyes and let it take you wherever you wanna go! This release shows indeed how diverse Tigerskin is.