Suol004Kollektiv TurmstrasseMondscheinprimaten

After their introduction on the last Baalsaal release, we are proud to announce an exclusive release by Kollektiv Turmstrasse.
Their remix on Johnjon’s “Meanwhile” has already gained huge support by the usual suspects.. but who would’ve thought that on this release, which by the way goes by the name of “Mondschein Primaten”, Nico Plagemann and Christian Hilscher put in the reverse gear and drop this melancholic and intensively emotional track! No stacky chords nor string hits accompany this beautiful beat.. only a single melody line gets all the attention and it works… hell yeah it fucking works! This release shows indeed how diverse the 2 northern germans are..
Pawas, who has become a much hyped artist & dj due to his brilliant releases with mate Daso on labels like Spectral & Connaisseur Recordings delivers a dreamy, yet beat and percussion driven remix! Pawas captures the original vibe and intensity of the melody and still manages to keep the over all vibe more energetic and dance floor oriented.
On the B-Side you find a powerful and uplifting interpretation by chopstick & johnjon. The constant synthline marches its way through the whole track and brings a smile on everyone’s face. that’s right.. smile biatch!! With this hypnotic remix the open air season has definitely started!