Suol002Andre Stubbs, Chopstick & JohnjonMaskcatcher

Futuristic ? Oldschool ? Retro? None of them draws ! This is a deep melodic timeless track that makes you think dream and dance at the same time. The musically in Berlin based Chopstick & johnjon and André Stubbs collaborate again at this wonderful melancholic deep fried funkin 4 to the floor Release by the name of Maskcatcher.
This is where the journey from tears to sunshine finally begins! Rainbeats is a perfect expression for this track, let the raindrops touch your windows or do the raindance in your fav club…
 Accompanied by an incredible groove it is the track two before prime begins! Why do we remember these kind of tracks you will find out!
On the flip the Berlin Lords of the funky deep minimal beats Holger Zilske aka Smash TV and Dave Dk (Playhouse) deliver a deep stompin and fonkin, xtra intelligent Remix for the time being.