Crazy times… but we are keeping the music coming. Here is the ‘Equality’ EP by Berlin based artist Siggatunez.
The opener ‘Back Home Again’ draws us in with a straight and kicking, yet interestingly swinging groove, laying the foundation for a jazzy piano, which has a beautifully improvised feel to it while nicely pushing the energy levels.
‘Thoughts’ lays down a thick carpet of chords for syncopated drums and dusty percussions to dance around on. A little synth interacts playfully with a beefy bassline and a simple vocal chop to great effect. Sometimes less is more, indeed.
The title track ‘Equality’ has one of those perfectly picked spoken word samples that grabs you right in the feels. Add in some delicious chunks of latin jazz and a groove that absolutely slaps, and you’ve got an instant winner. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry.
Closing the proceedings here in style, we’ve got Dwson’s remix of ‘Equality’, which uses that spoken cut in a different manner. Elegantly toning the whole thing down and creating a deep and intricate environment where the Cape Town based Producer’s clever synth programming and crunchy percussions really shine.