Our latest release comes courtesy of RR, who already made an appearance on our ‘Hallo Montag’ series back in September. Now, with ‘Solutions’ we’re being treated to a whole four track EP – lucky us!
‘Be Ready’ (alongside Birol and featuring ismo) starts off the proceedings with a beautiful jazzy piano improvisation, making it a great track to start a dj set with. Despite all that Jazz, with an organ and a saxophone also getting their solos, this track is not about chin-scratching appreciation of diminished chords. With a groove as solid as this at its core, this one is dance floor business for sure.
‘At Midnight’ is another joint effort with Birol and pianos feature heavily on this one as well, but rather than jazzing it up, they are more on the Disco tip here. Along with a classic House groove, a swirling acid line and diva vocals, that’s a straight up party starter right there.
Substituting the four on the floor TR drums for a broken up Linndrum groove, RR goes deep and trippy with ‘Bert Müller’. Chilled out dreamscapes, far-away spoken word vocals and big reverbs will have your mind wandering as your head nods to the beat.
Completing the EP, we return to ‚Bert Müller’, remixed by Jad & The. Changing the style and tuning down the jazziness, the remix homes in on a bouncy Electro groove and an infectious melodic synth bass line. A rolling percussion loop sent through the phaser and cut-up psychedelic pads send us way out left-field for a moment but leave it to that bass to keep everything nicely on track.