SuolCD014S5Penner+MuderNot Enough (Karolinski Remix)

After ‘The Long Awaited Comeback’ of/by Penner+Muder, we are now treated to ‘The Long Awaited Remixes’.
And here is remix number two.
This time it’s Karolinski doing the honours. The Norwegian DJ and producer’s characteristic dub-infused style has garnered support from the likes of the legendary Dave Clarke as well as an ever-growing fan following. Her remix of ‘Not Enough’ builds a fluffy snuggery made up of synth pads and delicate arpeggios for the original vocal to make itself at home. Modulating up to high intensity underneath crisp claps, the stage is set for a monster of a syncopated kick and bass groove, your guide on this dubtastic adventure through space and time, across deep forests and frozen Fjörds.
Go on, play it again, once is not enough.