SuolCD014S6Penner+MuderMothercity (Tom Jarmey Remix)

After ‘The Long Awaited Comeback’ of/by Penner+Muder, we are now treated to ‘The Long Awaited Remixes’.
And here is remix number three.
It’s Tom Jarmey at the helm for this one. Apart from being a founding member of the Manchester based party Wax Villainy, Tom has been serving up eclectic tracks over the past couple of years on labels such as Shadow City, 13th Hour, Unit Two Records and
His remix of ‘Mothercity’ picks up the broken beat flavour of the original and takes things a step further, giving the groove an organic funk feel, with beefy kicks and snappy snares. The dreamy Rhodes chords feel right at home here. Perfectly paired up with the warmest of basslines they give you a big hug while you float through this beauty of a track. And as they bid you farewell with a little solo, everything is fine.