Suol079M.ono Mountain Game

Leipzig based producer M.ono has not only released tracks on labels like Dirt Crew and Defected, he also already made an extremely tasty appearance on Suol with his wonderfully sunny groover “Waffelhaus” on our “Hallo Montag” compilation a couple of months ago.
So now it’s high time he released his very own EP with us – and here it is.
The “Mountain Game” EP opens with “Chunk Is Captured”, where warm harmonies slowly fade in on top of a fat disco groove before the bass line makes it very clear that we are here to party. As the filter frequency on the looping piano chords goes up, so do everybody’s hands while rim shots and hi-hats set the pace. One more blissful breakdown and we happily let the funky stabs carry us to the end.
“Agent Keys” goes deeper but is no less of a party starter. A bouncing bongo groove and a super low kick drum are the foundation for another piece of filtered piano goodness. Paired up with a rhythmically modulating synth pad and joined by an irresistible bass here is the recipe for a scorcher of a summer Deep House track.
As any self-respecting film nerd will tell you, “1640 Riverside Drive” is Doc Brown’s home address in “Back To The Future”. It is also the title of the last of the three tracks on this EP, which in many ways indeed goes back to the future with its classic House beats and timeless synth chords while fresh and intricately arranged elements definitely make this the House sound of today and tomorrow.