Suol094Lukas OppenheimerHis Dream

Born in Hamburg and living in Berlin, Lukas Oppenheimer gives us the ‘His Dream’ EP.
We kick off with the title track, which takes matters into somewhat experimental territory, while still providing ample sustenance for a tripped-out dance – perhaps on a sunny day in Berlin, with trees swaying lazily in the background as you delve deep into all of those weird and wonderful sounds and that irresistible bass line moves your feet.
‘Where You Been’ centres its rhythm around an intricate melodic percussion motif played on tuned wood blocks. Straight kicks are at the heart of a Detroit-esque groove that sets its sights squarely on the dance floor, with floating strings and a lead line reminiscent of Underground Resistance at its best.
The last of the originals is ‘Forever Oceanside’. With its dreamy soundscape, lush analogue chords and a shaker slowly emerging, it’s a great set opener. Opting for a breakbeat pattern on the kicks and short, crisp snares, the tracks builds with little melodies, reverbed percussions and a warm bass line, with fresh sonic details providing extra entertainment.
Rounding off the EP, we have Nachtbraker (Dutch for night hawk) on remix duties, who works his trademark dubtastic magic on ‘Where You Been’.