Suol096LazarusmanThe Signal

Lazarusman has made a huge name for himself in the last couple of years with vocal features for Stimming, Jonas Rathmans, Joris Voorn and Huxley among others, quickly becoming one of the most recognizable voices of modern House Music with his slam poetry style. Here he is with a solo release. Are you excited? We certainly are. ‘The Signal’ is a song, or rather a musical poem about courtship in 2020. In his inimitable, contemplatative style, the young South African recounts the voice messages of a man to a woman after their first meeting. It is about infatuation, insecurity, the desire for a soul mate, shyness, wondering… and those blue ticks.
The EP features “The Signal” in three versions. Lazarusman’s original presents this lyrical piece of art on a deep, yet bouncing instrumental. With crisp drumming and an emotional synth melody, it works equally well for attentive listening as well as for dancing – if they let you.
Both remixes here are by Julian Gomes. His first version amps up the energy levels with heavier kicks and quick percussions but keeps the deepness with atmospheric, syncopated chords and far-away pads. Adding layers throughout, this remix is quite a ride.
Julian’s Vox Dub gets down to business in a straight, driving fashion, reducing the vocals to their very essence and letting the drum machines rock out, while still offering up a bed of floating harmonies for Lazarusman’s emotional words.