Suol098HurleeDubby Feelings

Hurlee’s ‘Favourite Jazz’ ranks very high amongst the discerning public’s best loved tracks on Suol and we are very happy to have him back with a brand new release.
The ‘Dubby Feelings’ EP is a two-tracker that showcases the latest step in the evolution of the Spaniard’s deep-yet-bouncy House style.
First up is ‘OP Bass’, which builds on a solid foundation of classic drum machines and rolling percussion. A catchy little vocal cut kicks off an infectious bass line that is joined by subtle chord stabs before Hurlee seriously turns up the glory with soaring pads that will float you through this groover with a big smile on your face.
‘Frankie Here’ takes us on a journey through shimmering crystal caves. Synth chords with heavy dub delays sparkle left and right as we use the solid groove to guide our steps and we just know we can’t go wrong.
Do yourself a favour and get your head around this one.