Suol078Chopstick & JohnjonWishing

Chopstick and Johnjon are having a baby! A musical baby that is, of course. Over the next nine months the Suol label bosses will be releasing one track each month. At the end of this magical time a strapping young album will have made its way into the world. Join us in celebrating this miracle and check out every new track as it arrives.
Here is track 1.
“Wishing” welcomes us with a deep, syncopated kick drum rhythm and a looping, heavily reverbed vocal fragment, a voice speaks to us softly from afar about some of the important things in life. With the crispest of claps and shuffling hi-hats coming in we are already in dance mode as warm pads take us into a beautiful song – but only for a moment. The rest of the track masterfully builds a soaring instrumental tower of groove to look up at while throwing shapes on a dance floor made of solid 24 carat gold.
What more could you wish for?