Suol088Chopstick & Johnjon What A Day

Chopstick and Johnjon are having a baby! A musical baby that is, naturally. Over the course of nine months the Suol label bosses will be releasing one track each month. At the end of this magical time a strapping young album will have made its way into the world. Join us in celebrating this miracle.
Here is track 9.
‘What A Day’ is the name of the final track of the NINE series, welcoming the new offspring into the world. Matching the celebratory title, this tune in one of those epically emotional numbers that has the potential to be a go-to choice to end a set, or better yet an entire night, with its goose-bump-inducing harmonies and nostalgic vocal. And it is just as perfectly suited to mark the end of this nine month journey. What a day indeed!