Suol086Chopstick & JohnjonSometimes

Chopstick and Johnjon are having a baby! A musical baby that is, naturally. Over the course of nine months the Suol label bosses will be releasing one track each month. At the end of this magical time a strapping young album will have made its way into the world. Join us in celebrating this miracle and check out every new track as it arrives.
Here is track 7.
“Sometimes” is like a trek through uncharted rainforest at night. Building on a captivating rhythm, atmospheric pads are the canopy above the dense jungle of percussion, little noises that you can’t quite place come out of the dark. And then the nastiest of LFO synth bass lines comes in, cutting through the underbrush like a dirty great machete. Get lost on your nocturnal journey but keep an eye out for jaguars.