Suol085Chopstick & JohnjonMoving 3-5

Chopstick and Johnjon are having a baby! A musical baby that is, naturally. Over the course of nine months the Suol label bosses will be releasing one track each month. At the end of this magical time a strapping young album will have made its way into the world. Join us in celebrating this miracle and check out every new track as it arrives.
Here is track 6.
For the latest piece of music in the ‘NINE’ series C&J give us “Moving 3-5” and with this one they enter a somewhat darker territory. The track lays down a captivating groove right from the beginning, where straight and syncopated kicks, electro toms and minimalistic reverbs fuse into a rolling foundation for a spooky motif taken up by different sounds, layering and modulating as the groove builds with snappy snares and bouncing hi-hats. Add in the suspense of some swelling pads and that’s all you need. Get your head down, soak up the groove and have a dance.