Suol087Chopstick & JohnjonBlackout

Chopstick and Johnjon are having a baby! A musical baby that is, naturally. Over the course of nine months the Suol label bosses are releasing one track each month. At the end of this magical time a strapping young album will have made its way into the world. Join us in celebrating this miracle and check out every new track as it arrives.
Here is track 8.
What do you do when the electricity cuts out? One thing would be to fire up some battery-powered silver boxes for an Acid House jam. And that’s just what the first half of Blackout sounds like. It squelches, modulates and resonates towards an epic breakdown where the power comes back on and C&J plug in the larger synths to open the track up with some wide, layered pads. The beats drop back in along with a second acid line and electrifies the dance floor until the end.