03.06.2019 14:00Hallo Montag Open Air # 06- 03.06.19

Paul Pablo, Marc Brauner, Gavinco , Tender Games (live), Aleksandir, Marc Brauner b2b Gavinco b2b Paul Pablo.

We are super stoked about our next edition! The Guys from Houseum Records will take over Hallo Montag. After reaching 200k subscribers on YouTube, the channel Houseum moved forward to the next step with the launch of their new label Houseum Records so it is the perfect time to organize this showcase in Berlin.

As usual free entry. Drinks, music and food are provided. See you there!

Start 2pm / free entrance

Artwork: Julian Braun

Hallo Montag is a safe space.
No racism/discrimination/sexism/homophobia/transphobia
If you see or experience inappropriate behavior, please report it to our staff at the entrance or bar.

Funded by Musicboard Berlin GmbH.

We are going to extend your weekend longer and full of music with our weekly “Hallo Montag” Open Airs.
The weekly “Hallo Montag” series is held in the beautiful outdoor venue IPSE in Berlin and we open doors every Monday from May till October at 2 pm, and ending, well… whenever the last person leaves 🙂