SuolDaze001Various ArtistsSuol Summer Daze 2013

You are sitting on a terrace, looking out over beautiful rolling green hills that run down to white beaches and then on to bright aquamarine seas. There is not a cloud in the bright azure sky.
You grab your Vodka Tonic, lean back into your deck chair and relax, letting this moment be the only moment there ever was. The music you are listening to !ts perfectly to the situation and your current mood. It‘s so summery, so chill, so warm so deep, and yet it still gets you kind of excited about going on later that night.
You arise from your reverie for a moment just long enough to ask your friend who owns the hacienda what‘s playing. “It‘s Suol‘s new summer compilation. It‘s all the Suol artists and some of their friends. Great, isn‘t it?” Yes, you think, as you sink back into your puddle of funky bliss, yes it is…
Suol‘s new bi-annual compilation series kicks off with Summer Daze 2013 and features 13 exclusive and previously unreleased tracks by not only the entire label family, but also five fantastic guest artists, namely the Jazz- and burger-loving Saalmen, Dominik Marz from Pastamusik, the young aspiring duo Marlon Hoffstadt & HRRSN, Nils Penner and AWOL – short for: Absent without official leave.
Enjoy this Summer soundtrack and be sure Suol is already preparing some warming highlight tunes for Winter Daze 2013/2014.